Start date for information sharing and MARAM training

Start date for information sharing and MARAM training

Monday, 27 August 2018

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To ensure a quality training product, face-to-face training will begin on 8 October 2018, as agreed by the new Information Sharing and MARAM Steering Committee on 21 August 2018. This aligns with recent feedback from stakeholders requesting more time for implementation, including training roll out. It allows organisations to prepare and it also provides more time for priority professionals from prescribed organisations and services to register for training and make arrangements to attend. Family Safety Victoria will provide more information on training dates and registration in the coming days.

As advised previously, Phase one rollout will still commence on 27 September 2018. FSV is strongly encouraging prescribed organisations and services to read the Ministerial Guidelines for both information sharing schemes ahead of this date, to understand their obligations. Additionally, a suite of integrated implementation resources will provided by DET and FSV to support organisations and services to meet their obligations under the schemes. DJR, DHHS, DET, Courts and VicPol will also provide tailored resources for their delivered, contracted and funded services. Family Violence Information Sharing Scheme resources are already available on FSV’s website.

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Information Sharing and MARAM update

Information Sharing and MARAM update

Thursday 2 August 2018

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The next phase of the Family Violence Information Sharing (FVIS) Scheme, Child Information Sharing (CIS) Scheme and the Multi-Agency Risk Assessment and Management (MARAM) Framework reforms will now commence on Thursday 27 September 2018.

Key messages

  • the new commencement dates of the reforms is the 27 September 2018
  • existing training for FVIS Scheme will continue until 31 August 2018
  • the new integrated training schedule for all 3 reforms starts on 3 September 2018 – further advice to come about how to enrol
  • further information to come about how prescribed organisations and services will align to the MARAM Framework
  • support for implementation, including FVIS and CIS Scheme Guidelines and support material will be provided


From 27 September 2018, prescribed organisations will be required to comply with the Family Violence and Child Information Schemes, and the new MARAM Framework.

View the list of organisations and services that will be prescribed as Information Sharing Entities

Further information to prescribed organisations about alignment means to the MARAM Framework will be provided by the funding / contracting department or agency soon.


FVISS initial tranche training

FVISS training remains available for those prescribed in the FVISS initial tranche until 31 August 2018. These sessions include an introduction to the FVIS Scheme and will assist practitioners with sharing information that is relevant to family violence risk assessment and management.

In addition to initial tranche workers, the remaining sessions are now also open to workers who will be prescribed as Information Sharing Entities (ISEs) under FVIS Scheme from September 2018. As an understanding of family violence risk is required to operate effectively under the FVISS, the training is for workers who have previously completed CRAF training.

Register for Family Violence Information Sharing Scheme training

Integrated training on information sharing

Family Safety Victoria, the Department of Education and Training and the Department of Health and Human Services are jointly working towards the roll out of integrated workforce training on the information sharing schemes.

From 3 September 2018, the integrated training package, covering the two information sharing schemes and foundational MARAM Framework content will progressively roll out. Initially, the program will be provided as two-day, face-to-face training in 17 locations across Victoria. It will target approximately 4000 ‘priority’ personnel across all prescribed Phase 1 workforces.

In addition to the face-to-face option, the same package will be available in modular form via e-learn from 3 September 2018.  Customised modules are also being developed to meet the specific needs of affected workforces.

Relevant departments will contact organisations about the allocation of prioritised learning places, locational options, timing and advice on how to enrol by mid-August 2018.

MARAM Framework training – coming later this year

In-depth training in the MARAM Framework will be available later this year and will continue throughout 2019. Delivery of this training will complement the integrated training. While the integrated training focuses on information sharing, with some context from the MARAM Framework, the in-depth MARAM training will have a deeper focus on risk assessment and management, and how to embed the Framework into organisational practice.

In the meantime, professionals are encouraged to continue improving their family violence risk assessment capabilities through existing CRAF training.

Organisational readiness

Organisations and services prescribed as information sharing entities should update their policies and procedures to reflect their responsibilities under the new information sharing reforms. This includes communicating to staff about who is appropriately authorised to share information on behalf of the organisation or service.  That is, organisations and services will need to consider what staff should be authorised to share information (in relation to family violence risk assessment and management and child wellbeing and safety), based on their functions and role.

Implementation support

Family Safety Victoria, the Department of Education and Training and the Department of Health and Human Services are developing guidance and materials to support organisations to implement these three integrated reforms.

There is a range of FVISS resources including:

  • the Ministerial Guidelines
  • flow chart
  • guides on how to share information
  • process checklists for making and responding to requests
  • consent forms for adult victim survivors
  • model conversations.

The Ministerial Guidelines for the CIS Scheme and support materials including organisational and practice guidance will be made available on the Victorian Government’s Child Information Sharing website from late August 2018.

The MARAM Framework will be supported by a suite of risk assessment tools and operational practice guidance. These materials are currently in development.   Further guidance and advice to assist organisations to align to the MARAM Framework will be provided by Family Safety Victoria and funding/contracting departments/agencies later this year.

Further information

More information about the CIS Scheme

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