The coordinated
family violence system

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Service responses to family violence

People experiencing family violence come into contact with every part of the human service system. There are a broad range of services and sectors that have responsibilities to prevent, recognise and respond to safety risks as well as promote perpetrator accountability.

Specialist family violence services

Specialist family violence services provide crisis responses and case management to victim survivors of family violence.

The Code of Practice for specialist family violence services

The Code of Practice: Principles and Standards for Specialist Family Violence Services for Victim Survivors (the Code) articulates a set of principles and standards to guide consistent, quality service provision for victim survivors accessing specialist family violence services in Victoria.

Regional integration committees

Convened by a Family Violence Principal Strategic Advisor, these committees drive greater integration of regional family violence responses.

Responding to perpetrators of family violence

Find out where to go for support and referral if you encounter someone in your work who may be using family violence.

Aboriginal community led responses

Aboriginal definition of family violence, self-determination and responding to family violence and Aboriginal family violence services in Victoria.

Legislative and policy frameworks

Frameworks and guidelines that specialist family violence services in Victoria should be aware of and use as part of their service provision.

The Family Violence Experts by Experience Framework

The Experts by Experience framework aims to enhance the ability of specialist family violence services to provide opportunities for survivor advocates to influence policy development, service planning and practice.


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