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Prevention in Practice

Prevention in Practice is an interactive virtual course, based on recognised industry standards, providing the foundational knowledge and skills for prevention practitioners who are new to the sector. It includes a comprehensive introduction to prevention program design, from development to successful implementation.

Unpacking Resistance

If you work in gender equality or primary prevention of violence against women then you’ve most likely experienced backlash and resistance. Our training will give you the confidence to respond to resistance when it arises. From denial to backlash, to understanding why people might resist gender equality work, you’ll be equipped with the strategies and skills to create meaningful and sustainable change.

Small steps: Bystander action for equality

This new 4-hour bystander action course builds participants’ knowledge, skills, and confidence to be active bystanders and safely and effectively challenge the harmful attitudes that drive violence against women in their personal and professional lives.

Fast Track intensive leadership program - primary prevention

Fast Track will help you advance your career by building your leadership and management skills. This program is for professionals with experience in the Victorian primary prevention sector, who are looking to move into a leadership role or with significant experience in aligned roles, who are interested in moving into primary prevention in Victoria.

Prevention in Practice eLearn

We’re launching a new eLearn to equip emerging prevention practitioners with key knowledge and skills to begin their journey into the prevention sector.

Adapted from Safe and Equal’s flagship primary prevention training Prevention in Practice, this self-paced and interactive eLearn module will be launching in September 2023.

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What to expect

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Hear from previous participants across our range of primary prevention courses.

Prevention in Practice created a sound foundation for the primary prevention workforce. Feeling I belong to part of the field of practice/expertise is great. [I also liked] the exercises that sparked reflection conversations with other practitioners. It helped develop a shared language and understanding.

Prevention in Practice 2019

Really great safe space to explore strategies to be an active bystander. Loved the focus on curiosity as a key strategy and call in rather than calling out. The small group discussions were really useful, and everyone made meaningful contributions. The session was a great opportunity to reflect on my own practices, past and present, and to consider new ways of being an active bystander in the future.

Small Steps 2023

I really enjoyed the variety of interactions – discussion-based, videos, and also roleplays. Made it feel less like a ‘lecture’ which is often what can happen in virtual workshops. It was fantastic getting to see different viewpoints in terms of how people would respond – either as themselves or with the new information on response considerations. 

Unpacking Resistance 2022

of Practice

Continue your learning and development in a safe space to exchange practice knowledge, resources and ideas, and build rich relationships.

In 2023-2024, we are offering four communities of practice to Victorian-based practitioners.

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