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Responding to Disclosures

This three-hour virtual training provides foundational knowledge in understanding family violence and responding to disclosures of family violence. It prepares participants to recognise indicators of family violence, ask questions and provide a safe, simple and sensitive response to a disclosure from an adult victim survivor experiencing family violence.

Unpacking Resistance

Our training will give you the confidence to respond to resistance when it arises in gender equality or primary prevention work. From denial to backlash to understanding why people might resist gender equality work, you’ll be equipped with the strategies and skills to create meaningful and sustainable change.

Prevention in Practice

This training provides prevention practitioners, especially those new to the sector, with foundational skills and understanding of the evidence on what drives violence against women, the actions we can all take to prevent violence from occurring and how to design a prevention program.

Family Violence Foundations

This free online learning package will provide you with foundational knowledge about preventing and responding to family violence and violence against women.

Small steps: Bystander action for equality

This new 4-hour bystander action course builds participants’ knowledge, skills, and confidence to be active bystanders and safely and effectively challenge the harmful attitudes that drive violence against women in their personal and professional lives.


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