Specialist family violence
communities of practice

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The Communities of Practice cover important elements of specialist family violence service provision including reform implementation, practice development, service coordination and inclusion.

Our communities of practice vary in how they’re convened, according to focus and membership. Some meet weekly, while others may only come together quarterly. Most include virtual and face to face sessions, and participants also connect and collaborate in an online forum.

During communities of practice, participants can:

  • develop and share practice guidance
  • share information and resources
  • identify policy and practice issues and trends
  • receive updates from government
  • provide advice on key projects and initiatives to the peak and other key stakeholders
  • provide advice to government and other key decision makers
  • engage in peer-to-peer discussions and support
  • receive training, coaching and mentoring.



There are more than 200 members across our specialist family violence communities of practice, including practitioners and senior leaders from organisations that work directly with people experiencing family violence.

While many participating organisations are Safe and Equal members, some communities of practice also include practitioners from non-member organisations who provide unique insights and practice expertise.


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