Working with us to create a Safe and Equal workplace

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Go beyond your legislation. Take a considered approach to policy implementation and strengthen your business by:

  • Meeting your OHS obligations as an employer ​ 
  • Safeguarding your business from being used as a site of abuse, and mitigate risks to affected staff and colleagues ​ 
  • Bolstering your business’s culture and reputation as an employer of choice ​ 
  • Contributing to the safety and economic recovery of employees impacted by family violence, and their children ​ 
  • Increasing staff safety, wellbeing, performance and engagement ​ 
  • Retaining the skills and experience of your staff  

We’re collaborators. We’re here to work with you, to help you take a considered approach to developing, updating and improving your family violence policy and processes.  

Across diagnostics, policy and training, we’ll support you with our specialist knowledge and lived experience expertise. Across all levels of your business. By going on this journey with us, we can ensure best practice implementation and solutions tailored to your business’ needs. 

Businesses we've
worked with

David Jones Country Road Group
Essential Services Commission
Treasury Wine Estates
Transport Accident Commission

Our approach

Because family violence is a complex social issue it’s important for businesses to take a considered change management approach to family violence policy development and implementation. 

This includes sequencing steps such as policy development, staff training and consultations carefully to ensure everyone is brought along on the journey to creating a safe and equal workplace together. 

We deliver a unique 6-stage service for best practice in the development and implementation of your family violence leave policy. 

Organisational Readiness Diagnostics

Take out the guess work. Understand the steps your business needs to take to safely develop and implement a high quality, best practice family violence leave policy, in accordance with legislation and industry standards.

What is it?
A short, structured assessment, designed to understand the needs of your business. This process will confirm the best starting point for your family violence policy and process work.
How will it impact my business?
You’ll receive a documented understanding of your business’s readiness for family violence policy development and implementation. This assessment of our recommendations can be used to kick start your business’ next steps with your stakeholders.

Action Plan & Leadership Engagement

Better understand and communicate the steps required to meet your obligations and create a safe and equal workplace. Engage your leadership team and support them to grow their understanding of family violence.

Action Plan
What is it?

We’ll provide a whole-of-business action plan tailored to your context and employees, based on the diagnostic findings.

How it will impact my business?

Using evidence gathered in the audit process, this tailored action plan will provide clarity, build confidence and clearly outline the steps required to further develop or improve your family violence policy and processes. You can use this plan to monitor and track your progress and communicate internally what you’re doing and why. This document can also be used as your business case for stakeholder investment in the work.

Leadership Engagement
What is it?

A 3-hour workshop for senior leaders in your business, designed to create a shared understanding of:

  • family violence and other forms of gendered violence that can impact on work
  • why it’s a workplace issue (risks, roles and responsibilities)
  • what steps are needed to enable a safe and respectful workplace

You’ll receive a report of the workshop discussions, to help inform the business’s work going forward.

The workshop can be co-facilitated by a consultant from our Lived Experience Team, enabling leaders to hear directly from a victim-survivor about the impacts of family violence in the workplace.

We can also deliver an optional board workshop and CEO information session, to bring your senior leaders along on the journey.

How it will impact my business?

Your organisation’s leaders will develop a strong understanding of family violence, and what steps are required to support staff. By building buy-in and an authorising environment for this work from the outset, we’ll be on the right track to supporting a safe and respectful workplace culture.

Policy Development

Ensure the development of clear, accessible, best practice policy and procedures that are tailored to the needs of your business and tested by family violence specialists.

What is it?
The development and application of best practice family violence policy and associated procedures*, supported by our experienced policy consultants, including family violence leave, serious disclosures and other related procedures relevant to your business.

Our Lived Experience Team can also be engaged to test and review your policy, processes, products or services being offered to customers.

How will it impact my business?
We’ll provide support to answer questions, troubleshoot issues and respond to any emergent policy needs, including internal communication and socialisation of policy and process documents.

You will emerge with specialist informed family violence policy and relevant procedures tailored to your business, with advice for best practice implementation.

Policy Implementation

Facilitate whole of business engagement to ensure a shared understanding of what it means to be a safe and equal workplace for you.

Training for managers
This 3-hour online training session provides support to managers and other key personnel with foundational knowledge to:

  • understand gender-based violence
  • respond to disclosures of family violence and gender-based violence
  • prepare participants to recognise indicators of violence and abuse
  • prepare participants to provide a safe, simple, and sensitive response to staff disclosures of family violence and/or need to access paid family violence leave.

Staff workshop
 This 3-hour interactive workshop is a critical step in introducing and implementing your policy and procedures. We will:

  • introduce the policy to staff
  • set a vision for a safe and equal workplace
  • identify gendered violence risks and responses for the business
  • workshop approaches to wider staff engagement
  • build staff buy-in
  • create champions for the work

Feedback from this workshop will be used to finalise the policy and procedures and inform implementation.


Co-facilitated by a consultant from our Lived Experience Team, this workshop gives key staff in your business the chance to hear directly from a victim survivor about what works in supporting safe outcomes and the critical role workplaces play.

Onboarding eLearns
Universal Paid Family Violence Leave Legislation

This eLearn is a pre-requisite for staff participating in workshops. Learning outcomes include:

  • Understand family violence and its impacts
  • Understand the purpose and scope of the new Universal Paid Family Violence Leave legislation
  • Understand how paid family violence leave works, including the rights and responsibilities of employees and employers under the new legislation
  • Be provided with resources to access specialist family violence services

Family Violence is a Workplace Issue

This eLearn is a pre-requisite for staff participating in workshops. Learning outcomes include:

  • A foundational understanding of family violence as a workplace issue
  • The impacts of family violence on employees and workplaces
  • The importance of family violence policy and procedures in a workplace
  • How to respond to disclosures of family violence in a workplace context
  • Resources to access specialist family violence services

This eLearn module can also be used as a reference point for HR and staff. We can further tailor this eLearn to suit your business’s wider policies, procedures, and region. An additional learning outcome from this will be:

  • An understanding of your business-specific policy, process, and supports

Staff Bystander Action Training

Build staff awareness of the gendered drivers of family violence and the behaviours that support a safe and equal workplace culture.

What is it?
Facilitated, 4-hour online training for staff at all levels of your business.

By learning how to be an active bystander through Small Steps: Bystander Action for Equality, staff can safely and effectively challenge sexist attitudes in their personal and professional life.

This 4-hour virtual course is designed for workplaces and individuals, to build knowledge, skills, and confidence to be active bystanders.

Your staff will learn:

  • The evidence, prevalence, and impact of violence against women in Australia
  • The important role of bystander actions, creating respectful and equitable environments, personally and professionally
  • Strategies for challenging violence-supportive practices‚ attitudes and behaviours that relate to the gendered drivers

How will it impact my business?
Your staff will feel informed and confident, with the practical skills needed to intervene and support a colleague if they witness harassment or other forms of abuse occurring.

Implementation Review

We’ll provide a documented review of your business’s actions on your journey with us, the effectiveness and impacts of these actions, and identified next steps.

What is it?
An ongoing review to keep this work live, meaningful and authentic in the business moving forward.

Six months post policy implementation, we will complete a structured review designed to:

  • understand the successes of your implementation
  • explore the challenges of sustaining the work
  • unpack opportunities to strengthen and sustain the work meaningfully over time

How will it impact my business?
Taking key learnings across a 6-month period, this documentation will identify opportunities to strengthen and adapt to emerging issues or needs within your business and allow you to communicate that effectively with stakeholders.

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To learn more about how Safe and Equal can work with your organisation, you can reach out to Robyn Stone, Business Partnerships and Engagement Advisor, at or complete our enquiry form here.