Working with us to create a Safe and Equal workplace

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We’re here to help you strengthen the way your business understands and responds to family violence, for both your employees and customers.

What's our approach?

We work with you to create long-term, meaningful change on projects both big and small. 

We do this by engaging in a tailored approach to suit your unique needs, focused on strengthening responses across the ecosystem of your business: for customers experiencing family violence, for the employees who support them, and for employees who may be experiencing family violence themselves.  

We take a holistic approach across the breadth of your business, including: 

  • auditing and optimising your services and processes, including existing policies and procedures 
  • providing a tailored suite of tools, training and resources to upskill and support your people and customers.  

We consult with business and industry leaders, alongside lived experience and subject matter experts to ensure best practice responses to family violence. 

Are we the right fit for you?

We work with all businesses, big and small. 

With 2 in 5 women having experienced violence since the age of 15, chances are your staff and customers have been – or will be – affected by family violence in some way. 

If your business is ready to be part of the solution, we want to work with you. 

Why partner with Safe and Equal?

As leaders in our sector, our expertise connects best practice approaches with your business. We can help translate what we know to ensure your whole of business response to family violence is aligned with what we do best. 

We’ve worked with leaders across private and government sectors, bringing our specialist expertise to help make lasting change across Australia. 

Our work translates the latest evidence and embeds the voices of lived experience to best support your unique business needs. 

Why is this work important for businesses and workplaces?

Businesses and workplaces are increasingly being recognised as sites of either support or further harm. 

Family violence is everyone’s business. It is a prevalent and complex social issue that has devastating and long-lasting impacts on people across all parts of our community.  

But it is preventable. 

Ending family violence requires a whole-of-community response – including businesses. 

Your employees

Around one in six female workers have experienced violence, or are currently experiencing violence. 

Your customers

One in four women have experienced violence, emotional abuse, or economic abuse by a cohabitating partner since the age of 15

We all have a role to play – be a part of the solution. 

Businesses we've
worked with

David Jones Country Road Group
Essential Services Commission
Treasury Wine Estates
Transport Accident Commission

Get in touch

To learn more about how Safe and Equal can work with your organisation, please reach out to Robyn Stone, Business Partnerships and Engagement Advisor, at