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Our approach to partnerships and collaboration

Family violence and gender-based violence are complex social issues that require coordinated efforts across the community to address. As a peak organisation, our dedication to collaboration and building strong partnerships is the foundation for all our work.

Embedding lived experience

Safe and Equal is delivering a program of work to lead and support the family violence sector in best practice engagement with survivor advocacy into the future.

Family Violence Philanthropy Collaboration Project

Bringing together funders, government stakeholders and sector representatives to support systemic change and improve family violence outcomes for all Victorians.

Partners in Prevention network

Join Partners in Prevention (PiP) and be part of a network of more than 1,800 members who are working to prevent family violence and violence against women in Victoria.

Responding to the ‘Shadow Pandemic’ Webinar Series

The Monash Gender and Family Violence Prevention Centre partnered with Safe and Equal to deliver the ‘Responding to the Shadow Pandemic’ webinar series throughout 2020 – 2021.


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