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Safe and Equal membership provides many benefits for organisations and individuals.

Members can:

✔️ bring grassroots issues into the public policy arena
✔️ take part in coordinated action to reform public policy and improve the service system
✔️ tap into professional development
✔️ receive email bulletins covering contemporary policy discussions and current events
✔️ participate in regular member meetings
✔️ influence statewide policy and advocacy agendas
✔️ be represented at public meetings, consultations, taskforces and committees
✔️ participate in communities of practice

Full membership

Full membership is open to organisations that specialise in family and gender-based violence prevention, early intervention, response and recovery, deliver funded programs in one or more of these areas, endorse the purpose and guiding principles of Safe and Equal, and agree to adhere to relevant Codes of Practice and quality standards, as endorsed by the Board.

Member services must agree to adhere to the Victorian Code of Practice: Principles and Standards for Specialist Family Violence Services for Victim Survivors.

Full members have access to the full suite of Safe and Equal engagement and activity, including representation on the Specialist Family Violence Services Leadership Group and/or the Prevention Strategy Advisory Group.

Full members have voting rights, in line with Safe and Equal’s constitution.

To find out more about eligibility criteria and apply for membership download our application form below.

Associate membership

Associate membership is open to organisations and individuals that endorse Safe and Equal’s purpose and guiding principles.

Associate members have access to a broad range of Safe and Equal activity, including professional development opportunities, email bulletins and participation in quarterly member meetings.

Associate members do not have voting rights.

To find out more about eligibility criteria and apply for membership download our application form below

Apply for Safe and Equal membership

Applications for full membership are reviewed by the Safe and Equal Board. An invoice will be issued upon approval. 

For more information, please email

Step 1

Review Safe and Equal’s Constitution, and Code of Practice (for specialist family violence services)

Step 2

Complete our membership application form for organisations or individuals.


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