Communicating for Connection

Values-based messaging for primary prevention in multicultural and faith-based communities

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This resource brings together lessons from members of the Connecting Communities network and existing evidence on how to use a values-based, community-led approach to developing messaging around primary prevention in multicultural and faith-based settings.

Building community engagement and support through tailored, strengths-based messaging is an essential part of any primary prevention project. When working in multicultural and faith-based settings, ensuring that the community’s experiences and desires are embedded into your messaging is key to creating cultural safety and effective programs. 

This resource draws on the existing evidence base, as well as practice examples from members of the Connecting Communities network, to outline how a values-based messaging approach can be applied with multicultural and faith-communities to strengthen your prevention messaging. It aims to highlight the role of values-based messaging as a tool to engage community, build trust and address backlash and resistance by creating messages that resonate with communities. 

This resource has been developed as part of the Connecting Communities program, a partnership program between the Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health (MCWH) and Safe and Equal to support the learning and professional development needs of the Connecting Communities network, a network of organisations working with multicultural and faith-based communities to prevent violence against women in Victoria since 2022. 

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Resource type: Practice guide 
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