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Partners in Prevention (PiP) is a network of more than 1,800 people working to prevent family and gender-based violence in Victoria. The PiP network facilitates connection, peer learning, knowledge sharing and evidence-informed approaches to primary prevention.

First established in 2007, PiP now supports practitioners across Victoria, working in education, early childhood and care settings, and increasingly in many other settings – such as workplaces, health and community services organisations, faith-based organisations, the arts, sport, government and more. 

Safe and Equal hosts a range of events and activities which strengthen prevention practitioners’ understanding of and alignment to evidence-based practice; develops and provides resources to support prevention practice; and facilitates networking and connection between practitioners. Through PiP, Safe and Equal also draws on practitioners’ experiences and needs in a range of primary prevention settings to further develop the evidence base and support its effective translation into practice.

Key offerings


PiP events, including webinars, seminars and workshops, are opportunities for prevention practitioners to come together and hear from guest experts, share ideas and discuss their work.

PreventX is our annual primary prevention conference. The event has been running successfully for several years, bringing prevention practitioners together to connect, share and learn to meet the biggest challenges facing the sector. Following the success of PreventX Online in 2020, the conference will again be delivered online in 2022. 

Training and Capability Building

Safe and Equal provides a suite of professional development opportunities and training for practitioners working in primary prevention and respectful relationships education to build their knowledge and skills. These offerings support practitioners at all stages of their careers.

The Prevention in Practice Online Network 

Prevention in Practice is a virtual space for practitioners to engage and communicate with others across the sector. This online network provides opportunities to share resources, troubleshoot practice challenges and promote upcoming events. The Prevention in Practice Online Network currently hosts 400 practitioners, working across a range of settings and programs.

Find out more about the Prevention in Practice Online Network through our Prevention Helpdesk, by submitting an enquiry form.

Practice resources

We create and share practice guidance and tools to support practitioners to develop an evidence-based understanding of primary prevention and respectful relationships education and build their capacity to implement this knowledge into their work. Visit our resource library to browse prevention resources.

Email bulletins

Our regular PiP bulletins keep prevention practitioners up to date with the latest sector information, emerging research and evidence, practice guidance, tools and resources, and details of upcoming events. Sign up to receive this and other Safe and Equal bulletins.


Safe and Equal’s primary prevention team provides advice to organisations and individuals to support their work in primary prevention and respectful relationships education through our Helpdesk. Access the Primary Prevention Helpdesk

PiP practitioner reviews

“After a few months in my new job, I felt how enormous this area was and that maybe I wasn’t the right person. Then I attended a PiP meeting and I was amazed and delighted at this seemingly underground movement of dedication, diversity and information that was strong, credible and extensive. And yes it was collegial and connective!!”

“Obviously this work is a learning journey for all of us…I think [PiP has] really been that key place to build my capacity and my understanding of the complexity of the work, of the key principles and frameworks that underpin the work.”

“PiP has definitely facilitated the practical application of the evidence. Coming together and talking about it, seeing what other people are doing but also creating tools, just discussing it, has been really important.”

“As a non-youth practitioner myself, understanding and having those connections to some of those direct service providers and practitioners has really helped me to work with and support…youth practitioners [in my organisation].”

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