Affirmative Consent and Primary Prevention Practice Webinar

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What is affirmative consent and how does it complement existing prevention programs? What work is being done to support young people, their communities and organisations to understand this change in legislation, and have broader conversations about sex, consent and relationships?

This online webinar, hosted by Safe and Equal in collaboration with SAS Vic and YAC Vic, will examine these critical questions.

Affirmative Consent becomes law in Victoria in July 2023. These changes in legislation will not only strengthen responses to family and sexual violence, but also the way organisations work to prevent these forms of violence.

Join us as Dr Amy Webster (Sexual Assault Services Victoria) briefly introduces affirmative consent. Afterwards Anita North (Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency), Rhiannon (Centre Against Sexual Assault Central Victoria), Genevieve Sheppard (Our Watch) and Samantha Reed (Sexual Health Victoria) will join a panel discussion and explore what the legislative changes mean for their respective areas of work, and the implications for new and existing prevention programs.

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