In Conversation: The State of Play in Workforce Development Webinar

 Explore the state of play for the primary prevention workforce in Victoria and nationally

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What do we mean when we say, prevention ‘workforce development’? Who is exactly is this workforce? What is the current state for those delivering primary prevention of family and gendered violence?

This webinar explores the state of play for the primary prevention workforce, in Victoria and nationally, examining who it includes, the breadth and scope of activity being undertaken, and what’s needed to further develop and strengthen the workforce to meet its broader goals.

As we step into a new phase for prevention efforts under a new National Action Plan, and amidst announcements that all recommendations from the Royal Commission in Victoria have been implemented, it is timely to stop and reflect on what has been achieved and what is left to be done to ensure continued support for this evolving workforce. A diverse panel of speakers from across sectors and settings will debate and explore key trends and challenges, critical needs in building the capability of the workforce as well as what is needed to ensure sustainability for the primary prevention workforce.

This webinar will include a panel discussion, featuring prevention practitioners across a variety of different settings, talking about their experiences in workforce development, and sharing their expertise on what is needed in this space.

The event will be moderated by Amelia Ditcham, Prevention Practice and Workforce Development Manager at Safe and Equal, with opening remarks by Marina Carman, Executive Director Primary Prevention at Safe and Equal.

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