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Browse our library of resources and publications, developed by Safe and Equal in partnership with organisations from across the sector. This library is sorted by the date that the resource was added to the library.

In Conversation: The State of Play in Workforce Development Webinar

This webinar explores the state of play for the primary prevention workforce, in Victoria and nationally, examining who it includes, the breadth and scope of activity being undertaken, and what’s needed to further develop and strengthen the workforce to meet its broader goals.

Intersectionality in Primary Prevention

‘Intersectionality in primary prevention’ builds on Safe and Equal’s commitment to intersectionality and aims to draw on existing knowledge and experience in applying an intersectional analysis and approach to the prevention of family and gender-based violence. 

How to Use Statistics in Primary Prevention

‘How to Use Statistics in Primary Prevention’ aims to support a greater understanding of the importance, uses and limitations of statistics within the context of primary prevention and family violence.  

Supporting victim survivors of family violence with family animals

Developed in collaboration with Family Safety Victoria and refuge providers, these guidelines provide information about supporting victim survivors of family violence with family animals.

Are You Safe at Home? Supporter Information Session

On Thursday 6 April, Safe and Equal hosted an online information session for people wanting to support Are You Safe at Home? Day in 2023.

What is Primary Prevention? Connecting across the continuum from prevention to response

‘What is Primary Prevention?’ aims to promote understanding of work across the continuum from prevention to response, as well as provide practical suggestions to improve connection. 

How We Thrive Video Series

This resource suite contains four videos supporting tip sheets, helping managers and leaders to understand what prevention practitioners need to feel supported and valued in their organisations.

Looking Back, Moving Forward

Looking Back, Moving Forward reflects upon the prevention sector’s transition to online working during COVID-19, and supports practitioners to embed these learnings into future work. 

Sources of Lived Experience in the Family Violence Sector Issues Paper

This issues paper seeks to build on the findings of the Family Violence Experts by Experience Framework research to define and explore different sources of lived experience which inform the work of the family violence sector.


Overcoming Resistance and Backlash – a Guide for Primary Prevention Practitioners

This resource brings together and adds to existing resources by providing tips on effective strategies and ways of overcoming resistance, and other more extreme forms of backlash.

Driving Change

‘Driving Change’ focuses on positive, practical solutions to take actions against the gendered drivers while keeping a focus on the change we want to see.

Resistance and backlash across the continuum

This interactive panel discussion, recorded during the Safe and Equal Annual Member Forum 2023, explores how resistance is experienced across the continuum from prevention to response.

Fast Facts on Family and Gender-based Violence 2023

‘Fast Facts’ provides an overview of statistics and key facts related to experiences and impacts of family and gender-based violence, and changing social attitudes towards these.

Some of our online resources are also available in print.

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