Evidence base, frameworks and strategies

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It’s important that all primary prevention practitioners in Victoria understand the foundational frameworks, strategies and evidence that underpins work to prevent violence against women.

Primary prevention refers to the whole-of-population initiatives that aim to prevent violence against women and family violence before it occurs. It focuses on addressing the underlying drivers of these problems across organisations, communities and society. Prevention looks at ways to practically and sustainably address the attitudes, practices and differences in power that perpetuate and exacerbate violence against women and family violence.

The following documents provide the background and context to understand primary prevention and build knowledge about the sector. These resources help strengthen the foundation knowledge requirements for primary prevention practitioners and are a useful starting point for those seeking to join the sector.

Evidence base

Key frameworks to inform and guide primary prevention work.

As our understanding of what drives and what works to prevent violence against women in different contexts increases, the evidence base will continue to expand and evolve. 

Prevention organisations, such as Our Watch, Respect VictoriaGender Equity Victoria and Safe and Equal have created and collated many useful evidence papers and resources for those interested in developing their knowledge further.

Monitoring frameworks

Resources to track the progress of primary prevention at a population level. 

Strategies and plans

Capability framework


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