PiP Webinar - LGBTIQ inclusive prevention in conversation with Rainbow Health Victoria

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Recorded on May 27 2020, this webinar was conducted for all people working to prevent violence against women and family violence. LGBTIQ communities experience family and intimate partner violence at rates equal to or higher than non-LGBTIQ people. In conversation with Jackson Fairchild of Rainbow Health Victoria, this webinar explores the complexities that drive this violence.

Jackson discusses Rainbow Health Victoria’s latest research findings on the drivers of family and intimate partner violence for LGBTIQ communities, and ways to challenge them. Within this webinar, Jackson and Belinda O’Connor of Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria unpacked questions such as:

  • What are the myths about family and intimate partner violence as experienced by LGBTIQ people?
  • What drives family and intimate partner violence in LGBTIQ communities? And what does it have in common with violence against women?
  • What does LGBTIQ inclusive prevention messaging look like?
  • What actions can prevention of violence against women organisations and practitioners take to support LGBTIQ community organisations?

The resources referenced in this webinar include:

Presenter: Jackson Fairchild

Senior Policy and Strategy Advisor, Rainbow Health Victoria
Jackson has over ten years’ experience working as a clinician, educator, supervisor and service leader in family violence, suicide prevention, trauma recovery and LGBTIQ health. A qualified counsellor and clinical supervisor with a lived experience of family violence, Jackson’s recent roles include Director of Practice and Learning at No to Violence and Manager of Counselling, AOD and Family Violence services at Thorne Harbour Health.

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Resource type: Video
Duration: 1:20:24