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Safe and Equal members are working towards a world beyond family and gender-based violence.

We offer three types of membership: full membership, associate membership for organisations or associate membership for individuals.

All prospective full and associate members must agree to Safe and Equal’s Code of Practice.

Scale of membership fees 2023-24


  • Individuals: $192.34 ex GST

Safe and Equal Membership Application Form

Before you get started on this application, have you read:

Safe and Equal’s Code of Practice

Safe and Equal’s 2023 Constitution

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Associate Category A: Individuals that endorse the purpose and guiding principles of Safe and Equal and who are:

  • - engaged in specialist professional roles in family violence prevention, early intervention, response or recovery; and/or
  • - students, researchers, academics, educators or practitioners with an interest in preventing or responding to family violence and violence against women;
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Individual applicants, please briefly outline your interest in the work of Safe and Equal, including any specialist professional roles, education or academic roles/research in preventing or responding to family violence and violence against women.


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