Sports and recreation settings

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Sporting clubs and groups are often at the heart of local communities. They can be meaningful places to influence positive behaviours and attitudes towards family and gender-based violence.

Taking action through sport

The Victorian government recognises the key role of sports in primary prevention, and has developed the Taking Action Through Sport guidelines for preventing violence against women.

Taking Action through sport includes a range of practical tools that sporting and recreational organisations can use to assess where they are at in terms of gender equity, and begin developing projects and policies to create safer and more inclusive spaces for all members of their communities.

Taking Action through sport also contains tools for organisations working in collaboration with sporting clubs, including local councils, women’s health services and community health organisations. The Victorian Government’s approach to preventing violence through sports is backed by a grants program for sporting clubs to support them to embed gender equal projects and policies.

Read more about the Victorian Government’s approach to preventing violence through sports here.

Equality and respect in sport

Our Watch’s Equality and Respect in Sport offers a range of resources and tools to support sporting organisations in violence prevention work. Alongside gender inequality and disrespect towards women, Equality and Respect in Sport also recognises the significant impact of other forms of discrimination such racism, homophobia, transphobia and ableism, and takes an intersectional approach to transforming culture in sports and recreation organisations.

Read more about Our Watch’s Equality and Respect in Sport here.


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