Rebecca’s story

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Rebecca’s partner isolated her from family and friends, threatened her with weapons and continued to stalk her after the relationship ended. Rebecca decided to channel her energy in a positive way and advocate for change.

To be within a supportive group of women who just get it – it changed my life.

Rebecca’s partner used many tactics to control her life. He isolated her socially from her family and friends, he threatened her with weapons, and even after the relationship ended, he continued to stalk her. 

“To be within a supportive group of women who just get it – it changed my life. One of the first big ticks … was being asked to do a speech at the Reclaim the Night Rally in front of the State Library.”

Now Rebecca has been able to channel her energy into positive change through advocacy, including making a submission to the Royal Commission into Family Violence and seeing her input included in the final recommendations.

About this story

While some names may have been changed, this story is true and was shared with consent for the purpose of raising awareness about the experience of family violence. Please do not republish or adapt this story without written permission. Contact us.

Telling your own story
Sharing your story of family violence and your journey to recovery can be powerful. It can raise awareness, challenge stereotypes and inspire others. There are many ways you can tell your story. This might include writing it down, expressing it through art, or sharing with a trusted person or support service.


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