Responding to Disclosures

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This three-hour virtual interactive training provides foundational knowledge in understanding family violence and responding to disclosures of family violence. It prepares participants to recognise indicators of family violence, ask questions and provide a safe, simple and sensitive response to a disclosure from an adult victim survivor experiencing family violence.
The training covers foundational family violence concepts necessary to support an effective response including definitions, dynamics and impacts. It covers knowledge and skills required to recognise indicators, ask questions about family violence and respond effectively to disclosures. Participants will identify pathways for referral and key questions to prompt the development of a safety plan.

09:30am - 12:30pm
Sessions will not be recorded/made available outside of the session times.

To participate in this virtual course you will need: 
  • Access to an electronic device laptop or desktop computer ideally with a camera to participate in the training.
  • Reliable internet.
  • Zoom downloaded onto your computer, you can download here.
  • Google Chrome as your web browser.
  • Access to your email (please make you sure make a note of your login details for our Learning Management System).
  • Headphones/headset/speakers so that you can hear the presentation.

The training is delivered exclusively through Canvas.

Please log in to Canvas and make you sure make a note of your login details as soon as you receive your email invitation. We recommend noting your training times along with the Canvas URL and your login details in your calendar.

There are no prerequisites or assumed knowledge for this training. This training does not cover formal MARAM identification or risk assessment responsibilities and is not a substitute for MARAM training.

Cancellations and refunds:
See our cancellation and refund policy here

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  • Excellent training course, with great coverage of all aspects of FV
  • Thank you, the trainer set up the container really well with a lot of important acknowledgements. I found that really useful

Who is this for?

This training is for professionals who are wanting to develop a foundational understanding of family violence, including how to identify when family violence might be occurring, and how to respond to disclosures from a victim survivor in a safe and effective manner. Participants may work in generalist/mainstream organisations that are not prescribed to MARAM, but still work with and support people who experience family violence. This training is also suitable for workers who are new to working in family violence and have not previously undertaken any formal family violence training.
  • At the end of this training the participant:
  • understands the definition, dynamics and impacts of family violence.
  • has the ability to recognise indicators and ask questions to identify family violence, as appropriate to their role.
  • has the ability to safely provide a basic response to a victim survivor disclosing family violence.
  • understands principles of developing a simple safety plan and making effective referrals.


  • Cost: AUD$180

Upcoming dates

Responding to Disclosures
Name Location Date Time Enrol
Responding to Disclosures - Virtual - 18 April 2024
18 April 2024
09:30 am - 12:30 pm
Responding to Disclosures - Virtual - 19 June 2024
19 June 2024
09:30 am - 12:30 pm


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