MARAM - Leading Alignment

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This training is pitched at a senior level to those who have decision making responsibilities leading the embedding of MARAM in the organisational context. 

Please note: due to COVID-19 restrictions you are registering for a course which will be delivered as interactive two x two and a half hour virtual sessions.
Training Times 

Session 1: 9:30am – 12pm and
Session 2:  2pm – 4:30pm
To participate in this virtual course you will need:
  • Access to a laptop or desktop computer with headphones/speakers and ideally with a camera.
  • Reliable internet connection.
  • Zoom downloaded onto your computer, you can download here.
  • Google Chrome as your web browser, or Safari for MAC users.
  • Access to your email - you will receive an email invitation to Canvas, the training platform used to deliver the training.
  • Headphones/headset/speakers so that you can hear the presentation. 
The training is delivered exclusively through Canvas.
Please log in to Canvas and ensure you make a note of your login details as soon as you receive your email invitation. We recommend noting your training times along with the Canvas URL and your login details in your calendar.

Please note that sessions will not be recorded/made available outside of the session.

Participants enrolled must complete an e-learn module and read the MARAM framework before attending training. Details on how to access this prerequisite will be given on enrolment.

Training eligibility criteria:
MARAM training is available for prescribed workforces. Current prescribed workforces are here:
These modules will be delivered to professionals from a variety of backgrounds and are therefore not tailored to any specific workforce. Tailored training may be available for certain workforces through the relevant funding department. Please speak to your department contact as to whether tailored training is available for your sector.

Instructions to register online:
  1. Find a training you wish to attend below and click the ‘enrol’ button.
  2. Input your given name, family name and email address and click ‘create’.
  3. If you’ve registered with us before (with the same email address), you’ll have an existing account. A notice will appear letting you know an existing record has been found. An email will be sent to your email address titled ‘Incomplete Online Booking’.
  4. Open the email, and click on the second link provided. This will take you back to the registration page to resume your registration.
If none of the dates below are suitable, please join our waitlist to be informed when new dates are made available. You can join the waitlist here.

Who is this for?

This virtual training is suitable for organisational leaders, CEO’s, Directors or senior managers across all organisations/ agencies prescribed under the MARAM. The training is pitched at a senior level to those who have decision making responsibilities leading the embedding of MARAM in the organisational context. The training promotes an understanding of the MARAM Framework including key strategies and requirements such as practice, policies and procedures necessary to align with MARAM.

To check whether this is the correct training for you, please read the MARAM decision making tree.


  • You must attend both sessions in the correct sequential order to receive a certificate. We will only issue certificates to participants who have attended all of the training sessions.
  • Please be careful to select a course in which you are able to attend both sessions. If you do not attend the full training, you will need to contact

Upcoming dates

MARAM - Leading Alignment
Name Location Date Time Enrol
MARAM - Leading Alignment - Virtual - 15 March 2024
15 March 2024
09:30 am - 04:30 pm
MARAM - Leading Alignment - Virtual - 29 April 2024
29 April 2024
09:30 am - 04:30 pm


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