Skills and Capability Self-Reflection Tool

Embedding Lived Experience Implementation Resources and Templates

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Safe and Equal and the Expert Advisory Panel have developed a series of resources and templates to support other services and organisations in their engagement with survivor advocates.

The Family Violence Experts by Experience Framework provides principles for best practice and resources to support organisations to do this work. Please ensure you have read the Framework before using the template.

Authentic engagement with survivor advocates starts with preparation and self-reflection. Use this tool to identify the skills and capabilities you will apply to ensure safe and respectful engagement with survivor advocates.

Your answers to these questions impact how you understand lived experience and ultimately how you relate to and engage with survivor advocates. Engaging with survivor advocates can sometimes feel challenging or uncomfortable, and it requires relinquishing some control. You won’t always ‘get it right’, but you can aim to get better with each engagement by putting in mechanisms for reflection and continuous improvement.

This series of questions will support you to recognise the strengths and experiences you bring to your engagement with survivor advocates, as well as any gaps to your knowledge and confidence, and assist you to identify actions and strategies you can take to address these. It will take around 30 minutes to work through the questions.

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