Family Violence Regional Integration Factsheet

Driving greater integration of regional family violence responses
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The Royal Commission into Family Violence (RCFV) acknowledged the inherent value of regional integration. Report recommendation 193 recognised that Family Violence Regional Integration Committees (FVRICs), supported by Regional Integration Coordinators, should be part of the governance structure ‘for implementing the Commission’s recommendations and overseeing systemic improvements in family violence policy’ (RCFV Summary, 2016, p.97).

Regional Integration Committees bring together representatives from regional family violence services and other key sectors and services, including child and family services, child protection, mental health services, homelessness services, housing services, courts, police and Indigenous Family Violence Regional Action Groups.

Each Regional Integration Committee is convened by a Family Violence Principal Strategic Advisor (PSA). The PSAs work to drive the local implementation of key family violence reforms in their area, build partnerships and collaborate across sectors, build workers’ capability and provide insight into operations, issues, functions and opportunities in their region.

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