PreventX: Messaging for a Movement

Tuesday 19 – Thursday 21 March 2024

PreventX Online Conference

PreventX: Messaging for a Movement is the national conference for those who want to create change and prevent family and gender-based violence.

PreventX forms one of the largest single gatherings of professionals working to prevent family and gender-based violence.

First held in 2019, PreventX is our national conference for those who want to create change and prevent violence. In 2024, the conference will look at one of the fundamentals of primary prevention how we craft and deliver messages that shift hearts and minds to deliver long-term and sustainable social change to prevent family and gender-based violence. 

Following positive feedback about the online forum used for PreventX 2022, the conference will again be held online with an additional face-to-face component on Thursday 21 March. Learn more below ⬇️

PreventX: Messaging for a movement will look at one of the fundamentals of primary prevention: how we craft and deliver messages that shift hearts and minds to deliver long-term and sustainable social change to prevent family and gender-based violence. 

A key to successful primary prevention messaging is engaging people’s deeply held values to motivate action. We need messages that address the drivers of violence against women, and the multiple and intersecting forms of power and oppression that affect so many communities. We need messages that shift attitudes, stereotypes and behaviours so that family and gender-based violence are no longer a part of our reality. 

Crafting powerful messages is a skill and practice that sits at the heart of prevention. We need messages that speak to evidence of what drives violence, and engages with deeply held values in all our campaigns, communications, advocacy, policy and our programs delivered out into all places where people live, work, learn and play. In addition, we need to focus on messaging in order to respond effectively to resistance and backlash and ensure ongoing and increased investment from state and Commonwealth governments in primary prevention. 

This PreventX conference will bring a fresh focus on how to frame and communicate primary prevention at every level of the socio-ecological model – individual, community, organisational and institutional and systemic. Drawing from extensive work related to values-based messaging, effective campaigns, grassroots mobilising and advocacy, this PreventX will showcase and build knowledge about how to craft messages that resonate and effect change.  

Effective messaging for advocacy will also be crucial as we move forward with a new National Action Plan and a post-Royal Commission era in Victoria. For prevention policy and investment, we need persuasive, relevant and meaningful messages that will ensure government action to truly end violence for all people, in a generation. 

Sponsorship packages

As the largest conference for professionals working to prevent family and gender-based violence, PreventX offers unique and exciting opportunities for brand visibility and engagement with key stakeholders in prevention and family and gender-based violence.

Your sponsorship will support Safe and Equal in hosting a successful PreventX 2024. This will help expand a growing shared understanding of how to prevent, and ultimately contribute to ending family and gender-based violence.

Sponsorship will allow your organisation to: 

  • Demonstrate your commitment to the prevention of family and gender-based violence and your contribution to the professional development of prevention practitioners across Australia. 
  • Increase brand awareness amongst a new audience through our social media. We have an active, engaged, and positive community of more than 39.5K combined social media followers. 
  • Connect with and learn from a national network of organisations committed to stopping violence before it starts, including Safe and Equal as a Victorian peak body representing specialist family violence services. 
  • Build awareness of your programs or initiatives through our official conference communications channels and your organisation’s virtual booth hosted on our PreventX website. Additionally, Gold and Silver sponsors will have a table at the in-person event on Thursday, 21 March 2024.
  • Be part of in-depth discussions, deliberations and exchange of ideas related to prevention of family and gender-based violence and supporting a growing industry of prevention practitioners.

Over 600 delegates from across Australia over the three PreventX conferences held to date.  PreventX features leading experts and advocates as guest speakers from across Government, civil society and the private sector.

We invite you to review the sponsorship packages here. If you have any questions or would like to discuss how your organisation can support PreventX, please get in touch with Khyaati Acharya at

PreventX In-Person Event

We understand the importance of connecting with like-minded practitioners and advocates working in the prevention of family and gender-based violence. That’s why we’re thrilled to invite you and the broader Partners in Prevention Network to a face-to-face event on Thursday 21 March 2024  

An integral part of the PreventX 2024 conference, this event aims to amplify the ideas of practitioners in Victoria and beyond, to influence the future of primary prevention. There are two ways to get involved – we invite you to take on the challenge of pitching or you can join our supportive audience.  

Ready to be a voice for change? We are on the lookout for the most compelling pitches that bring forward new and emerging ideas. Your contribution will help shape current and future prevention messaging, influencing a national audience.  

If you’re a practitioner with an idea about how we can prevent family and gender-based violence in Australia right now, we want to hear from you! Inspired by the 3-minute thesis competition, we’re inviting you to share a 3-minute pitch to a friendly and inclusive audience at the Wheeler Centre. This is an opportunity to craft and amplify messages that truly matter. If you’re not from Melbourne, we would still love to hear from you and we can stream you to our live audience in via Zoom. Learn more about submitting your pitch below. 

Don’t have a pitch to submit? As a member of our audience, we invite you to support our pitching practitioners and to cast your vote at the end of the night.  

Join us in Melbourne to network, collaborate, and help shape the future of prevention at the PreventX in-person event. Book your spot today! 

How to attend

  • General admission tickets are $50 per person*, inclusive of canapes and drinks (until sold out).  
  • If you are selected to pitch, your ticket to this event is complimentary (with a maximum of two free tickets if it’s a group pitch submission). 
  • Why is this event ticketed separately to PreventX 2024? We recognise not everyone can make it to Melbourne, so we’ve ticketed the in-person event separately. It’s an integral part of the PreventX experience, yet distinct in its focus on community connection and idea sharing. 

How to pitch your idea
Here’s your guide on submitting your pitch for the PreventX In-person event: 


Submit your pitch application:  

Share your idea with us by submitting a short paragraph (200-250 words) or a three-minute video by completing this application form. The submission deadline is Wednesday 21 February 2024. 


What to include in your pitch application: 

  • Name  
  • Organisation (if relevant) 
  • Email address 
  • Title for your pitch  
  • 200-250 words max summarising your idea – what is needed right now to prevent family and gender-based violence in Australia?  We’ve developed a pitch guide to support your application – download it here
  • Remember, in the spirit of the three-minute thesis, you should be able to explain your idea in three minutes or less and to a non-specialised audience. Consider what is the problem and what is the opportunity as you see it? Why does it matter? What actions can be taken? 


Application review process: 

Our team will review all proposals and curate a selection of 10-15 of the most promising ideas. The selected participants will be contacted by the 29 February to start practising their pitch.  


Information for selected applicants: 

All selected participants receive an invitation to attend the face-to-face event in Melbourne for free. If selected, you can choose how you want to present your pitch: 

  • Pre-recorded Video: Submit a pre-recorded video to be played live at the event. 
  • In-person Delivery: Attend the event face-to-face in Melbourne and deliver your pitch in person. 
  • Online Participation: Join the event virtually to deliver your pitch The audience, both face-to-face and online, will vote for their favourite pitches using an online voting platform.  


This is your opportunity to be a driving force in reshaping the conversation on primary prevention in communities across Australia. Let your voice be heard! 

Frequently asked questions
What is the PreventX In-person event? 

This event is a part of the PreventX 2024 national conference and is dedicated to putting your pioneering ideas at the forefront of our collective efforts to prevent family and gender-based violence, both in Victoria and across Australia. 

As part of PreventX 2024, we are inviting you to join us either in person in Melbourne, or at a range of regional locations across Victoria.  

In the lead up to the event, we are inviting those working in primary prevention to share with us, your three-minute pitch on what is needed to prevent family and gender-based violence in Australia right now. Share your 3-minute pitch and messages for change in a friendly and inclusive atmosphere, either in person in Melbourne or online, as we work together to craft and amplify messages that truly matter. Engage with peers and industry leaders and contribute to the selection of the most impactful pitches. 


Date and location of conference  

Thursday 21 March 2024 from 4 pm – 8 pm. 

The event will be held at The Wheeler Centre, 176 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne Victoria 3000. 

The event will also be broadcast to locations across regional and rural Victoria. Get in touch with your local Women’s Health Services to find out more about joining a regional event. 


How can I submit my pitch idea?  

Submit a short 200- 250-word maximum paragraph OR a three-minute video outlining your idea to with ‘PreventX Pitch’ in the subject line. You can read about criteria for the pitches here (link TBC). 

Submit this by Wednesday, 21 February 2024.    


If I’m selected, where is my pitch going to be presented? 

All selected pitches will be presented either in person or screened at the PreventX In-person event on 21 March 2024.    

All selected participants will be invited to attend the face-to-face event for free. Participants of the face-to-face events will vote on their favourite on the day and the lucky winner will receive a fabulous prize! 


If my pitch is submitted, how many free tickets do I get?

For all individual submissions, we will only give ONE free ticket per pitch. If you submitted with a team on behalf of an organization, you will be given only TWO free tickets.


Who decides if my pitch is selected or not? 

Our internal team will review your proposal and present the 10-15 most promising ideas to be presented at PreventX 2024.   

We will be selecting the most compelling pitches to showcase new and emerging ideas to help further promote messages that matter in the context of primary prevention; what most strongly resonates in hearts and minds of communities across Australia. 


What if I can’t/don’t want to present my pitch live? Can I send a video instead? 

If your pitch is selected, you can submit your pitch via a pre-recorded video, via live stream or in person at our PreventX In-person event. 


How much does it cost?
General tickets: $50 per person which includes canapes and some drinks (until sold out). 


Why is the in-person event ticketed separately? 

PreventX is a national conference for those who want to create change and prevent violence against women and family violence. As a national conference, we are aware not everyone will be able to attend an in-person event in Melbourne. For this reason, we decided to ticket the in-person event separately.  

Under the umbrella of PreventX, the in-person event i is a separate but related component of the overall conference. 


Can I attend the in-person event and not PreventX? 

Yes. You can attend the in-person even without having to attend PreventX. 


Do I need to attend PreventX to submit a pitch? 

No. You don’t have to attend PreventX Online Conference to attend to submit a pitch to the in-person event. 


Do I need to submit a pitch to attend the in-person event?? 

No. You don’t have to submit a pitch to the in-person event to be able t attend. 


Can I invoice my organisation instead of paying by credit card? 

You can either pay with your organisation’s credit card or we can give you a paid invoice for your organisation to reimburse.  


The cost is a barrier for me to enrol 

Please reach out to and we will do our best to work with you to find a solution. 


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