Our approach
to prevention

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We are working to build diverse partnerships for effective and sustainable policy and practice around the prevention of family and gender-based violence, and respectful relationships education in Victoria.

We are working to develop and strengthen new and existing relationships to ensure workforce capability building activities and sector building efforts are strategic, cohesive and inclusive.

Existing and potential partners include:

  • key organisations working across the primary prevention and family violence sectors
  • workplaces in priority settings
  • organisations working with priority populations and intersecting issues
  • organisations working in respectful relationships education.

An intentional approach

Partnerships are a complex, ongoing process requiring attention to how organisations work together, not just what they do together. 

They require rigour and process in relationship management and design. But they are equally about the individuals working within organisations to exercise intuition and a willingness to sit with the discomfort of constantly shifting dynamics between individual and institutional relationships.

Partnerships, coalitions and collaboration are key to a strong primary prevention infrastructure. They support collective action, leverage resources, build movements for change, support engagement with diverse communities and diversify funding bases. 

Our work is informed by two key resources for effective partnerships:

We work with the partnering cycle to establish, build and sustain meaningful collaboration with a variety of organisations. This cycle purposefully aligns with a common program cycle, ensuring that we resource, monitor and nurture our partnerships, as well as our prevention programs. 

We are particularly working to strengthen and resource new and existing partnerships with diverse communities to inform an intersectional approach to work undertaken within the Statewide Prevention Workforce Development Program.

If you would like to discuss partnership opportunities with the Primary Prevention Unit, please contact Prevention Project and Partnership Manager, Meghan Cooper meghancooper@safeandequal.org.au.


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