Our inclusion statement

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Safe and Equal is the peak body for specialist family violence services that provide support to victim survivors in Victoria. The interests of people experiencing, rebuilding from, or at risk of, family violence is at the heart of everything we do.

Our vision is a world beyond family and gender-based violence, where women, children and people from marginalised communities are safe, thriving, and respected. 

As the peak body for specialist family violence services, Safe and Equal lead the development of an accessible, inclusive and equitable gendered-based and family violence service system to meet the needs of all people experiencing multiple and intersecting forms of oppression and discrimination, as stated in our strategic planning.

Our inclusion statement demonstrates Safe and Equal’s commitment to fostering an accessible, inclusive and equitable workplace and organisation, where differences and diversity are celebrated and affirmed. It is also an inspirational guide, which it is everybody’s responsibility to make a reality in practice.

We value different perspectives, types of knowledge and ways of thinking– At Safe and Equal we are committed to continuously building an inclusive and safe organisational culture, where people can bring their whole (authentic and true) self. Diverse experiences, ways of knowing, thinking and working styles are valued, encouraged and respected because we recognise that expertise and knowledge comes in various forms. We work in solidarity with one another to create a workplace where everybody can belong, connect and succeed in their role. We do this by courageously sharing our different perspectives, radically listening, being open to reflection and change, and learning from each other.

Our diversity is our strength– At Safe and Equal we are not all the same and that is our greatest strength. We strive to foster an environment where the diversity and intersecting identities of our community are represented, valued, and celebrated. We welcome people from diverse backgrounds and experiences, including people with disability, cultural backgrounds, ethnicities, lived experiences, gender identities, sexual orientations or religions.

We endeavour to be flexible and meet people where they are with openness and curiosity– At Safe and Equal we think outside the box and are people-centred. We are aware that employees have different needs and responsibilities and recognize the importance of work and home life balance and prioritize flexible work practices. We are an Equal Opportunity and affirmative action organisation/employer and take a Zero Tolerance stance when it comes to discrimination and harassment

We respect and honor First Nations peoples’ rights to self determination and cultural safety– At Safe and Equal we work in solidarity with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. We do this by collectively seeking to decolonise our thinking and interrogating power dynamics and imbalances while learning and collaborating with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander’s services and communities.

We are bold in our advocacy for a more just world– With an intersectional feminist lens we strive for equity. We are committed to walking alongside, advocating, and holding space and inviting/centring voices of people who experience systemic discrimination and oppression. We place a high value on fostering equity in our relationship with members, partners and other stakeholders.


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