Meet our Fast Track participant Kerry L

Thursday 25 November 2021

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We recently spoke to Kerry, a Family Violence and Disability Practice Leader from Berry Street, about her experiences from the response stream of the Fast Track program.

Why did you join the Fast Track Program?

I felt I had reached a level in my current practice where I had adequate skills and experience to move into a leadership role within the sector. The Fast Track intensive leadership program, is one of its kind as it is tailored to the Family Violence Sector and suited my professional development needs. The program provided the unique opportunity to be linked with an experienced specialist mentor for the duration of the program and offered regular expert presenters who shared knowledge and insights relevant to program sessions. I found the duration and times set for the program attractive as it was manageable whilst I continued to work full time.

What have you been able to achieve since completing the Fast Track program?

I was successful in my application for a leadership role as the Family Violence & Disability Practice Leader at Berry Street. As part of my final assessment, I developed a Program Logic which I presented to our Practice Development Team who were supportive of implementation.

I have developed my thinking in relation to engagement with external organisations and utilise this knowledge to promote and advocate inclusive practice for people experiencing family violence and sexual assault with lived experience of disability.

I have also put into practice my learnings regarding the importance of data collection and developed processes to collect and collate data.

Since starting Fast Track, how do you think you’ve grown as a leader?

My confidence has grown, and I understand how to advocate on behalf of myself, my team, programs, and people in the community using evidence and data. I have been able to consider how to implement frameworks and models in my current role as Family Violence and Disability Practice Leader and promote capacity building within Specialist Family Violence and Sexual Assault Services.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

I am excited about my future and what I will achieve. The Fast Track intensive leadership program has provided me with a strong foundation around feminist leadership, policy and partnerships to compliment my practice experience. I am very grateful I had the opportunity to complete the program.

I highly recommend anyone considering an application to the Fast Track intensive leadership program to apply. The facilitators are experienced, and the delivery of the program is thoughtful. There are numerous learning opportunities covering various topics. Fast Track delivered a safe space to share expertise, resources, insight, thoughts and challenges between participants, facilitators and guest speakers. Each person contributed invaluable insight to support our learning and the connections made between participants was an added bonus!

Learn more about the Fast Track program here.

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