New Victoria Police Family Violence Report

Wednesday 10 July 2019

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Victoria Police have provided the following information about their new Family Violence Report:

A new Victoria Police Family Violence Report (FVR) will be live across Victoria from 22 July 2019

Supported by the most in-depth family violence education ever for frontline members, the FVR (still recorded on a Form L17) is a significant change to police practice.

Much more than a ‘report’, it’s a thorough, validated family violence risk assessment and risk management tool which has been trialled and evaluated over the last two and a half years.

It includes a scored component which gives frontline members the kind of objective direction for managing family violence risk that was sought by many of those who made submissions to the FV Royal Commission. High risk cases are managed by specialist detectives in FV Investigation Units (FVIUs).

The FVR includes a number of direct questions that allow victims to choose to identify with communities of meaning to them to inform referrals and/or a need for specialist assistance to help parties participate in the police process.

Members can also now choose to complete the FVR on mobile devices which helps victims get help from referral agencies more quickly.

Detailed information for stakeholders, including how the FVR links to the MARAM, have been sent out for distribution through government agencies and peak bodies for service agencies. If you haven’t received it please contact and Victoria Police will send you one.

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