Everybody Matters – A Family Violence System Supporting All

Friday 5 April 2019

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Minister for Health Gabrielle Williams today launched a 10-year inclusion and equity statement to ensure Victoria’s family violence system supports all Victorians.

The world-first statement was a key response to the Royal Commission into Family Violence, which found that people from diverse communities can be at greater risk of family violence and face extra barriers to getting help.

The Everybody Matters: Inclusion and Equity Statement will guide a more inclusive, safe and responsive system for more people, regardless of gender, ability, sexual orientation, sex, ethnicity, religion, age or mental health.

Women with disabilities are more likely to experience violence, while 87 per cent of female prisoners in Victoria have experienced physical, sexual or emotional abuse as an adult.

In 2016-17, 10.2 per cent of victims in Victoria Police family violence incidents were young people aged 17 or younger. Aboriginal women are 45 times more likely to experience violence than other women.

Older people, people from multicultural communities, LGBTIQ communities, and people with mental health issues can also experience family violence in unique ways, and often face unique and multiple challenges to getting help.

The new Statement calls for everybody in the family violence system – workers, service organisation leaders and those with experience of family violence – to challenge the system and strive for change that delivers choice for all.

The Statement has been produced after extensive consultation with a range of stakeholders, including people with experience of family violence.

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