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We are now offering access to PreventX On Demand, to give those that were unable to attend the event the opportunity to access incredible content from our speakers, panellists and brilliant MCs at Clothing the Gaps.
PreventX: What’s Next? was this year’s national Primary Prevention conference, hosted online by Safe and Equal in partnership with Our Watch. The future-focused online event hosted almost 300 delegates and featured over 50 speakers from diverse organisations around the country, all working to end gender-based violence.

Recorded sessions include:
  • Keynote Panel: Where to for Prevention? With Emma Fulu, Lara Fergus, Tanja Hirvonen and moderated by Em Maguire
  • In Conversation: What does the Future of Prevention Look Like? With Tania Farha and Patty Kinnersly
  • Deep Dive: Changing the Story second edition with Dr Emma Partridge and Marina Carman, and moderated by Olivia Franklin
  • Deep Dive: Indigenous Prevention with Sarah Sheridan and Lena Charles of Clothing the Gaps
  • Closing Address: Moment for those lost to family violence with Bec Carro and Clothing the Gap

Panel Discussions
  • Embedding Lived Experience in Prevention with Tess Moodie, Penny Cearns, Payal Tiwari and moderated by Liana Papoutsis
  • Sowing and Growing a Movement with Rose Durey, Kit McMahon, Irene Day, Emma Mahoney and moderated by Dr Sue Rosenhain
  • The Future of Respectful Relationships with Dr Naomi Pfitzner, Sarah Corbell, Rachael Pascua and moderated by Krista Seddon
  • Emerging Approaches in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Prevention with Tahnee Edwards, Karen Milward, and moderated by Katrina Harrison.
  • Prevention in the Workplace with Julie McKay, Taylor Nally, Margot Paxman and moderated by Khyaati Acharya
  • The Future of Workforce Development with Jo Brislane, Rachael Green, Aurore Delcourt and moderated by Emily Sporik

Please note: Once you have registered for PreventX On Demand, you will receive access to the resources via the Delegate Connect platform within two business days. Please contact us at if there are any questions about your registration.

Who is this for?

Primary prevention practitioners and professionals working to prevent violence against women and children at the local, state and national level, as well as supporters in related services whose work requires engagement with primary prevention, gender equity or respectful relationship education. 


  • By signing up for OnDemand below you will get access to 14 livestream sessions, including the keynote, panel discussions, and deep dives.
  • All 14 sessions have live captioning for accessibility, with the plenary sessions also including an Auslan interpreter.
  • This access will be open until the end of April 2023.
  • Users can access as many sessions as they want, as many times as they like
  • They will also be able to explore the PreventX platform and all its attached resources.

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