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Browse our library of resources and publications, developed by Safe and Equal in partnership with organisations from across the sector. This library is sorted by the date that the resource was added to the library.

ACBDEquality poster

This poster includes a prevention action for every letter of the alphabet that is relevant and relatable for young people.

Change the Story

Presentation by Dr Lara Fergus at the ‘Responding to and preventing family violence – The role of early childhood professionals’ conference.

ABCDEquality cards

Each card has a prevention action for every letter of the alphabet that is relevant for young people.

A Whole School Approach to Respectful Relationships Education in Schools

This poster aids schools in implementing respectful relationships education (RRE).

Respectful Relationships in Victoria: Early Childhood

This video, live streamed on April 19, 2018, discusses Respectful Relationships in early childhood. This video is part of a series on Respectful Relationships in Victoria.

PiP Seminar: Supporting bystander action to prevent violence against women

In the context of preventing violence against women, bystander action refers to the action taken by a bystander to challenge behaviour, attitudes, norms, policies and structures that contribute to and perpetuate violence against women.

PiP Webinar – Prevention of Violence Against Women and Family Violence in Faith Settings

Recorded on 12 May 2020, this webinar was conducted for all people working to prevent violence against women and family violence. Faith communities and settings are an important environment where social beliefs and norms are shaped. These beliefs and norms have the potential to either promote violence or protect against it.

PiP Webinar – Supporting a whole school approach to respectful relationships education

Supporting a whole of school approach to respectful relationships. Recorded on Tuesday 23 June 2020.

Some of our online resources are also available in print.

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