Lead and Adapt

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Lead and Adapt is immersive professional development program for executive and senior leaders in Victoria working to end or respond to family, gender-based and sexual violence.
Connect with your purpose as a leader and explore the strengths, demands and opportunities unique to you and your position.

Strengthen your support networks; build relationships with other leaders and work together to understand your common challenges, individual skillsets, and the power of adaptive leadership.

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Who is this for?

Executive and senior leaders in the specialist family violence, primary prevention and sexual assault sectors in Victoria.


  • Delivery: In person and online
  • Duration and commitment: Run over a period of four months, the program includes online learning and five and a half days of in-person workshops
  • Fees: Free. Whole places are valued at $5,400 per person, we are pleased to offer this pilot program at no cost in 2024