Resources to support your Values-Based Messaging from PreventX 2024

Tuesday 16 April 2024

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In our primary prevention work, the ability to craft and deliver messages that resonate deeply with the community is key. At PreventX 2024, we delved into the heart of this crucial practice, exploring how values-based messaging can drive long-term, sustainable change in the addressing family and gender-based violence.

The conference theme, “Messaging for a Movement,” underscored the central role of effective communication in shaping attitudes, behaviours, and societal norms.

Attendees were immersed in a range of panels and discussions, each offering unique insights into effective messaging. From broad public campaigns to targeted initiatives, and from community engagement to advocacy at all levels of government, the conversations illuminated the multifaceted nature of messaging for prevention.

The feedback from attendees echoed the resonance of these discussions. One participant remarked on the value of hearing from a truly diverse range of panellists, emphasising how common themes strengthened their understanding of effective messaging strategies. Another highlighted the positive, upbeat tone of the conference, appreciating the inclusion of often-overlooked voices from faith communities.

In an effort to share knowledge and to continue the conversation from PreventX 2024, below is a series of resources shared by speakers and facilitators during the conference. These materials provide an insight into the wealth of insights, strategies, and experiences shared and discussed throughout the event.

Resources shared at PreventX: Messaging for a Movement

We have categorised resources based on the PreventX 2024 session topics: 

Cross-cutting Resources for Prevention and Values-Based Messaging 


Campaigning for Change 


Managing Resistance and Backlash 


Ethical Storytelling with Victim Survivors 


Working with Communities in Primary Prevention 


Messaging Across Social Justice Movements 


Primary Prevention Across Settings  


Financial Safety 

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