Supporting communities to help end family violence: Safe and Equal launches ‘Are You Safe at Home?’ videos

Wednesday 24 August 2022

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Conversations about family violence are important - and we want to spread the word that anyone can make a difference simply by listening and offering support.

That’s why we’ve created four new videos for our Are You Safe at Home? initiative. These short animations, which are available in 15 community languages, have been created to support family, friends and colleagues of people who are experiencing family violence.  

‘Family and friends are often the first ones to know something isn’t right. They play a crucial role in identifying and responding to family violence in the community,’ said Safe and Equal CEO Tania Farha. 

‘We know that starting the conversation can be hard, which is why these videos and resources are so important. They’re simple but powerful tools to help people support loved ones who are experiencing abuse.’ 

We need your help! 

Media has the power to reach so many different communities – including people who may not know what family violence is, or what they can do to help their loved ones.  

We are asking for your support to help raise awareness across Australia – through sharing the videos on your digital channels, social media, or by linking to the Are You Safe At Home? website at the bottom of any articles you publish on family violence. This is an invaluable way for your readers to access information and support. 

Please reach out via if you have any questions, or if you would like to work with us on an upcoming story. 

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