Meet our Fast Track participant Krissy Nicholson

Thursday 25 November 2021

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We recently spoke to Krissy Nicholson, a Family Violence Prevention Officer from the City of Casey, about her experiences with the primary prevention stream of the Fast Track program.

Why did you join the Fast Track Program?

I wanted to deepen my knowledge and expand my family violence prevention practice with a group of supportive likeminded professionals.

What have been the key takeaways from Fast Track for you?

Fast Track allowed me the space and time to reflect on core components of family violence prevention and focus on how to put this evidence base into practice. My favourite session was focussing on Intersectionality, where I was provided additional tools and resources to ensure it is prioritised in my work. I also loved the extensive list of resources available and the opportunity to work alongside a great group of people across the sector. The mentorship program was an added bonus!

Since starting Fast Track, how do you think you’ve developed as a practitioner?

This program enabled me to consolidate my learnings and strengthen the theory that supports my work. It has provided an opportunity for me to learn from experts and think about how to apply learnings into my own practice. I have also loved the mentor process in which I have space and time to really dissect and discuss some of the more nuanced complexities in this work.

What’s next for you?

I am very excited to be working with a team to develop the City of Casey’s new Gender Equality and Family Violence Prevention Strategy. I am looking forward to embedding the learnings and resources from the Fast Track course into its development.

What advice do you have for someone new to primary prevention?

Prevention work is inspiring, diverse, challenging, and empowering. However, we are playing the long game. Change takes time so celebrate small successes and look after yourself along the way. Build and utilise networks, have patience, and also have a sense of humour.

Learn more about the Fast Track program here.

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